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APPS People create HiveXpress trading app for HiveXchange

HiveXpress App by APPS People

HiveXpress App by APPS People

HiveXchange is an independent digital marketplace which facilitates an efficient and profitable trade of wholesale fresh produce both across Australia and in export markets.

In addition, HiveXpress app allows buyers and sellers to trade freely as a sales tool that makes it possible to connect and trade on the run - anytime, anywhere.

HiveXpress was APPS People’s first dip into cross-platform application development and it has been a huge success.

“Cross-platform development allows us to write one set of code for multiple platforms (iOS and Android).” Says Stuart Kidd, “It's not the right decision for every type of mobile app project but it fitted perfectly based on the client's requirements. This ultimately means that only one code base needs to be updated instead of the usual two.”

The app is on the App Store and Play Store

Studio Startup residents, APPS PEOPLE, are a multi-award winning agency specialising in the design and development of mobile and web apps.

You can get to know more about APPS People’s work and team HERE.

SpacetoCo Bravely venture into the Shark Tank!

Daniel McCullen, Steve Baxter, Jeremy Hurst, Daniel Franco - Shark Tank

Daniel McCullen, Steve Baxter, Jeremy Hurst, Daniel Franco - Shark Tank

Yes and congratulations to the team, Daniel McCullen, Jeremy Hurst and Daniel J Franco, at SpacetoCo, who have secured investment in their business from Shark Tank's Steve Baxter.

I watched and it was nerve-wracking, but these guys are great to work with, extremely passionate and dedicated to their business, plus it works brilliantly, with no fuss.

SpacetoCo allows you to discover and easily book spaces for your events/needs. You can book our Basement and Hotdesks via SpacetoCo

Check out  SpacetoCo Instagram link

$100 Full time desks in Perth CDB

The Terrace room 1.jpg

The financial new year has kicked off in full speed and with this we are offering four full-time desks in our co-working room for a hugely discounted rate of $100 +gst each, per week, when you sign on for 3 months or more.

That includes fast Wi-Fi and power, plus we have a shared meeting room, bathroom and kitchen facilities.

Sponsored by the City of Perth, our social studio building is a super cool working space, right in the Perth CBD and a minute from the train. Our other office tenants are clever, creative, successful, business mentors and very nice people. We will have a couple of private lockable offices available very soon too, so CONTACT us now if you want to get in.

VR startup unleashes an immersive design & development consultancy

Startup News article by Charlie Gunningham

Startup News article by Charlie Gunningham

When you’re out there developing your own platform, sometimes you can help others along the way, and earn money from it …

For the past year, since graduating from 2016’s Founder Institute in Perth, Ben Bauert and the team at Unleashed VR have been busy building their own soft skills training platform.

Recently, more and more clients have been asking him for help with their own AR or VR projects.

While this was not exactly core business, Ben saw an opportunity – the creation of Unleashed XR, their own design and development consultancy, which launched in January and sits alongside the Unleashed VR business.

Might this not distract and slow down the development of the main Unleashed project, Startup News asked?