Studio Startup supports XR:WA in Perth CBD


Over 3 nights as part of XR:WA, Perth’s own secret co-working space, Studio Startup, plays host to beer and board games!

Curated by Sofie Mather,, this is fantastic opportunity to meet with table top games designers and makers and experience some of their wares – while also enjoying a beverage or two from the bar!

We’ll also be having some multiplayer computer games for you to explore plus perhaps the occasional talk and other distractions.

Studio Startup is a unique subterranean space perfect in providing a platform for new and possibly subversive ideas which is precisely what we’re planning on doing. Entry is free and there’s a bar.

In what is essentially a table-top Open Mic, Immersive After Dark is a unique opportunity to explore both the space and the ideas. Games, stories, forms,  ideas, testing and talking, it’s all on the table.

Free event8-11pmDownstairs, in the crazy old laneway, 143 Barrack St, Perth


12 (Friday) 8:00 pm - 14 (Sunday) 11:00 pm


Studio Startup

43 Barrack St, Perth WA 6000



SpacetoCo Bravely venture into the Shark Tank!

Daniel McCullen, Steve Baxter, Jeremy Hurst, Daniel Franco - Shark Tank

Daniel McCullen, Steve Baxter, Jeremy Hurst, Daniel Franco - Shark Tank

Yes and congratulations to the team, Daniel McCullen, Jeremy Hurst and Daniel J Franco, at SpacetoCo, who have secured investment in their business from Shark Tank's Steve Baxter.

I watched and it was nerve-wracking, but these guys are great to work with, extremely passionate and dedicated to their business, plus it works brilliantly, with no fuss.

SpacetoCo allows you to discover and easily book spaces for your events/needs. You can book our Basement and Hotdesks via SpacetoCo

Check out  SpacetoCo Instagram link