STUDIO STARTUP is all about helping create great businesses.  Our two incubator spaces, TECHHUB & THE STUDIO, have a uniquely different vibe but the common theme is an environment tailored for anyone building high growth, sustainable ventures



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 Catherine Resnick of Kinchip Systems

Catherine Resnick of Kinchip Systems

The STUDIO is home to a growing network of start-up businesses.

The positive work environment and strong infrastructure in this welcoming, creative space is tailored for startups, social impact businesses and growth minded professionals.

The STUDIO is set in an exclusive central city location above Toastface Grillah café, at 143 Barrack Street - in a unique state heritage listed building with edgy, arty styling.

The space to grow

We've helped numerous people make a difference, through entrepreneurship, mentoring, co-working and collaboration.  We've developed the resources, inspiration and collaboration, to grow a positive work impact. Joining our community of innovators will enable you to connect, inspire and quickly establish your business and when ready, to scale.



  • Hot-desks, fixed-desks, private lockable offices
  • Shared meeting room
  • Conference/event space for up to 40 people
  • Audio Visual equipment for meetings
  • Fast internet
  • Kitchen facilities and AC
  • Central city location close to transport
  • Printing facilities


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Internal decor includes vibrant artistic works by acclaimed local artists KimKimKim, Hosae, Catalina Clema, Tim Rollins and looks over the 99mmural by Scott Neoh/ Bonsai and Hiroyasu Tsuri/ Twoone




Studio StartUp founders are creative, driven and focused on making an impact.  Unleashed VR, House of Paradox, Yoswan, AppSkappa, AgriStart, Cinesurfer, Tap into Safety are here today. Others that have flourished here include KingChip, HipFlask, Gramercy Studios, JacksLabs, O'Hanlan Electric plus iAwards Young Innovator of the Year and a finalist for the Young Australian of the Year Naomi Henn.

"Help with how to build our ip, reach key clients and channels, and position our products for rapid growth was key. The Studio environment of creative but serious about success, with the affordable CBD location, has been an ideal mix with our outer city coding office."   Dr Susanne Bahn, Founder of Tap into Safety. Finalist, Telstra Business Women Awards

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TechHub, a clean and modern workplace, located at 4 Money Street in Northbridge, is a community of driven space for entrepreneurs, independent professionals, startups and businesses who are serious about building their business.

Our mission at Tech Hub is to build a community that positions our members for success. That means bringing together a network of like-minded individuals ready to create, innovate, collaborate, share and learn


  • Hot-desks, fixed-desks, private lockable offices
  • Shared meeting rooms
  • Conference/event space (40 capacity at Studio, 22 at TechHub)
  • Audio Visual equipment for meetings
  • Internet plus Printing facilities
  • Kitchen facilities, AC, modern comforts
  • Central city locations close to transport
  • In-garage parking and showers (TechHub only)
  • Shared use of our sister hub facilities


Name *
Such as requested days and times you would like to Tour Tech Hub. Are you interested in desks or an office. And when you want to start.


Leveraging Tech to scale their business, businesses at TechHub range from corporate spinouts to scale up businesses.  We measure our success on that of our companies.  Home to so many innovative successes, winners of dozens of Innovation and Growth Awards, Funding successes (Series A & B, Shark Tank funding)  They work their own magic here, collaborate, build teams and leverage our events, services and connections to succeed faster


Marc Berryman.jpg

Previous Tech Hub resident, Marc Berryman from Rhinohide, was fortunate to appear on Shark Tank.

And to top it off, he managed to get 3 sharks circling him for investment into the Rhinohide business. In the end Marc selected his two favourite sharks to invest. This joins the investment he already received at the beginning of 2016 from the West Australia Angel Investor network.

Rhinohide is like a second skin for your 4WD. After forking out your hard earned cash to purchase your beloved 4WD what are you going to do to protect it when taking it offload? Well the innovative Rhinohide system holds the highly durable second skin panels in place when offload. These can be easily removed when back on suburban roads or if you want that unique look keep them on. Check out all the Rhinohide story and products at their website