London - New York - now Perth style STUDIO STARTUP opening

Catherine Resnick - Founder of Kinchip Systems preparing for an important pitch

Catherine Resnick - Founder of Kinchip Systems preparing for an important pitch

For the past year we have been working on our creative new space for businesses and start-ups. We've been moving and painting walls, floors, adding funky bits of furniture, all the while we've been fed and watered buy Toastface Grillah Cafe on the ground floor beneath us.

A lucky few have had the opportunity to try out our groovy hub, with all the space to themselves. We've had Kinchip Systems, Gramercy Studios, Hipflask, VR Unleashed and a few individual players getting some serious work done in our creative Hub. But the time has come to share. And we are now opening for tours of the building and rooms available.

Why is it New York - London style? I think it's the mood, the relaxed arty space and the groovy people who work here - some of us are groovy on the inside. The fabulous old style (historic) building is very retro cool, decorated with an eclectic mix of bright colours, with famous graffiti artists painting the walls and beautiful shaped windows and ceilings.

But don't be led astray by the relaxed look and feel of our space, at STUDIO STARTUP we take the business of startups seriously and have on-board and access to some of the leading professionals in the business.

We have outfitted STUDIO STARTUP specifically to help new businesses get started and offer very sensible rates, fast internet, meeting rooms and kitchen/bathroom facilities and we have hotdesks and a couple of offices available now.

STUDIO STARTUP is located opposite the Wellington Street train station right in the CBD, at 143 Barrack St, Perth. Website:

We look forward to seeing you there.

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