Strengthening Companies in the Agri Sector

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Strengthening regional innovation and export capability via the AgriStart HARVEST Residential Intensive held at Muresk Institute.

Value-added businesses in the week-long accelerator included Indigenous Aquaculture Ventures, Gloria Dieu Stud, Black Sheep Engineering, Livestock Pricing, WA Pure Honey, Flexible Farming Systems.

Speakers on export development, capital attraction, collaboration such as Wrays, Triangle Capital, MLA, CSBP, Austral, GemStar, DPIRD, Atomic Sky, Agworld, Wheatbelt Development Commission, UWA, Austral Fisheries, Landgate, The How Factory, Living Farm, Stratus Imaging, Bungulla Tech, Costa, Food Agility CRC.


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Key stakeholders in the WA agricultural, business and technology sectors met at the Paddocks to Perth: Agtech and Regional Innovation forum event yesterday to discuss key initiatives currently driving the Western Australian Agtech sector and to announce the new cohort of the HARVEST 2.0 program.

The forum featured a keynote from WesCEF Innovation and Commercialisation General Manager Mussaret Nagree on Innovations in Agtech and a discussion panel including Susan Hall from Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD), Frank D’Emden from Decipher, Gary Rogers from Hemp Homes and Amanda Walker from the Wheatbelt Business Network.

Mussaret Nagree
Peter Rossdeutscher
Natasha Ayers

Mussaret Nagree from WesCEF discussed both the opportunities and challenges facing the Agtech industry. Offering fascinating insights into scaling large projects and initiatives, Nagree reinforced the primary importance of connecting with and understanding the farmer as a customer.

“It’s really important to take time to get to know your customer, understanding what their pain points are, what’s going to make it easier for them to manage their farms and boost efficiencies & you can only get that by engaging with them directly,” she said.
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Panel member Frank D’Emden from Decipher offered some further insight into the customer, saying that digital technology adoption by farmers is still relatively low comparatively across sectors, however this presents invaluable opportunities and support for uptake, especially as billions of dollars is currently being invested in the Australian Agtech industry.

“I foresee in less than 20 years time farmers being able to look at a map and see what every part of their farm is doing in terms of the critical components of their agronomy, forecasting out 14 days ahead with 90% accuracy of what the weather is going to do and having much better knowledge about supply,” he said.

Susan Hall, Acting General Manager at DPIRD’s WA Open for Business said leveraging off partnerships like the one with AgriStart brings great results for the industry.

 “What we really want to do is be a part of this great culture of innovation across the ag sector and across the regions, and we do this with partnerships, like the one we have with AgriStart and the HARVEST participants” she said. 

AgriStart Managing Director, Tash Ayers says connection and collaboration is key to supporting and exporting WA innovation, particularly within the regions.

“Regional innovation needs to be part of the city agenda too. This networking event showcased the exciting innovations already happening in regional WA and the value of connecting businesses across the state and globally,” she said.

The forum culminated in the announcement of the cohort for next round of the HARVEST 2.0 Accelerator Program, where 16 highly innovative WA start-ups are given the opportunity to accelerate their business under the expert mentorship and guidance of some of Western Australia’s most successful business people. The program has been expanded to include the HARVEST Residential Intensive Program, a business accelerator for regional participants

The following companies involved in HARVEST 2.0:

HARVEST Residential Intensive at Muresk Institute:

  • Agriculture Guided Implement Systems Pty Ltd
  • Black Sheep Engineering
  • Gloria Dieu Studs and Orchard
  • Indigenous Aquaculture Ventures
  • LA.ONE Economics & Consulting and Merredin and Districts Farm Improvement Group
  • Livestock Systems Pty Ltd

HARVEST Agtech Accelerator Program Round 2 Participants:

  • APIS Industries T/A WA Pure Honey
  • C4D Intel Pty Ltd
  • Dandaragan Camel Dairies Pty Ltd
  • Farmfolk/Agtalent
  • Intuit Earth Pty Ltd
  • Latitude 28 Produce
  • Mirreco Holdings Pty Ltd
  • Mote Net
  • Oceanwise Australia Pty Ltd
  • Stratus Imaging Pty Ltd


The HARVEST2.0 Accelerator programs target late-stage start-ups and SMEs looking to scale their business, attract investment, develop new networks and partnerships or explore new export markets. Participants will be mentored by expert growth facilitators who have high level expertise in corporate innovation, entrepreneurial thinking, agriculture and research connections. The program consists of two programs: the HARVEST Agtech Accelerator Program and the HARVEST Residential Intensive Program at Muresk Institute.

For more information about AgriStart and the HARVEST Program, visit

Eight IOTY finalists compete for $165,000 prize pool

The eight Innovator of the Year 2018 finalists worked with the Atomic Sky team as part of their business mentoring program.

Peter Rossdeutscher from Atomic Sky "I expect each of these fantastic companies will have a notable impact on their sectors."

They are competing for a prize pool of $165,000 in the IOTY 2018 program run by the Western Australian Government Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation.

The innovation must be at the emerging or growth phase of development, and demonstrate an economic, social or environmental benefit for the State and this year, the criteria of the awards was revised to focus on those innovations that would lead to creating and supporting WA jobs.

Chirriger Aboriginal Runway; Innovation Inspired through Collaboration

Miranda, Samantha Harris, and Peter Farmer at Telstra Perth Fashion Festival

Miranda, Samantha Harris, and Peter Farmer at Telstra Perth Fashion Festival

Innovation and creativity from collaborations are exceptional in any format and it was inspiring to be at the outstanding Chirriger Aboriginal Runway fashion event.

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Leading figures speaking at the event included Jerrie Demasi of Channel 9 News, community leader Barry McGuire and 2016 West Australian of the Year Award Aboriginal Category Winner Rishelle Hume.

The event featured the integration of Aboriginal Artist Peter Farmer’s stunning Noongar designs into a resort-wear fashion line by Red Opium's Sandra Rives

It was also supported by leading indigenous models. International model Samantha Harris led the the runway show. Samantha had earlier stated her commitment toto supporting the project to promote, nurture and develop indigenous creative industries through the language of fashion. 

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Hannah Collard was another leading indigenous women to walk in the show. In a prior news article she had said;

To me it’s important to be involved, I think it’s important they (young indigenous girls) have someone to relate to and show them it is possible to do something good and change people’s minds. We need to challenge the ideas of beauty in the fashion industry in Australia – it’s not just one look.”

With designs inspired by the oldest living culture in the world, the runway event was part of the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival. With so many positives and people from diverse backgrounds working together to showcase quality Australian products, hopefully the event will become central to future festivals

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Tailored for corporates to drive innovation by thinking like a Startup

Launched this week, the corporate Innovation Thinking Workshops will provide their staff a common language and platform for corporates to elevate their innovation thinking, by applying startup thinking techniques.

The program is run by Atomic Sky CEO Andy Lamb, who holds a Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and is an Honorary Fellow of Innovation at UWA... Read More