Perth Winter Festival

Are You Kidding? Snow in Perth?

Yes we were like Pugs in Snow, ha ha. This was so much fun, there was joy, childish giggles and even some Grand Lane dancing.

Working hard in the offices of Studio Startup, we heard a commotion down below. Not too busy to check the scene and what did we uncover? Artist Amy Perejuan-Capone was pouring snow out the windows and gleeful laughter was bouncing back up at her. Yep, it was snowing in Perth. Fake snow, mind you, which was a whole lot of fun, but not so cold.

This was the last day of "One Word For Snow" as part of the City of Perth's Winter Festival, but I think by the look of things it might be back next year. I did spy some reckless dancing in the lane-way, a bit of carefree chasey and it wouldn't be 2017 if there hadn't been countless photos taken.

But then, as seriously passionate startup business people we went back to work with a cheeky smile on our dial. Except for those who popped next door to Toastface Grillah for caffeine. You know who you are :)

And to the kiddies that stopped by, I hope you had a fabulous time. See video below for reckless joy.

Fun as Snow falls in Perth, WA, at Studio Startup in Grand Lane