VR Unleashed

VR startup unleashes an immersive design & development consultancy

Startup News article by Charlie Gunningham

Startup News article by Charlie Gunningham

When you’re out there developing your own platform, sometimes you can help others along the way, and earn money from it …

For the past year, since graduating from 2016’s Founder Institute in Perth, Ben Bauert and the team at Unleashed VR have been busy building their own soft skills training platform.

Recently, more and more clients have been asking him for help with their own AR or VR projects.

While this was not exactly core business, Ben saw an opportunity – the creation of Unleashed XR, their own design and development consultancy, which launched in January and sits alongside the Unleashed VR business.

Might this not distract and slow down the development of the main Unleashed project, Startup News asked?