Innovation Cluster


Innovation Cluster and Atomic Sky joined to deliver an interactive presentation on commercialisation to the current team of iPREP PhD researchers, in an eccentric underground venue in Perth CBD.

What makes a good pitch? Andy Lamb from Atomic Sky spent the first part of the session running through the elements of a successful pitch.  Andy’s Lesson #1: Put the Audience first. What do they want to hear and what’s important to them? Not everyone can understand technical talk, it will fly right over the heads of the audience and attention will be lost, unless of course you're pitching to the technical team at the organisation. Know your audience. Andy also suggested to ‘Get to the point’ and ‘Practice, Practice, Practice.’   Read More...


Innovation Cluster provides consulting plus a range of tailored programs to facilitate innovation for companies, government, Universities and researchers

The IC platform is built on the experience of industry experts & mentors with decades of proven commercialisation success. We also adapt lean startup thinking for traditional businesses to pragmatically change culture via the principals of engage, educate, adapt and grow... Read more