The Australia China Innovation Growth Fund backs the AgriStart Sector Initiatives

The Australia China Innovation Growth Fund was announced today as a Supporter of the AgriStart HARVEST sector growth initiatives in Western Australia. 

AgriStart Mentors Ally Bishop, Peter Rossdeutscher, Dr Natasha Ayers, Grant Sanderson, Greg Riebe, Stuart Kidd

AgriStart Mentors Ally Bishop, Peter Rossdeutscher, Dr Natasha Ayers, Grant Sanderson, Greg Riebe, Stuart Kidd

"China continues to experience incredible growth, and as the economy matures its demand for innovation and technologies is increasing. Australia has developed amazing technologies and its Agri/Food Tech sector is recognised, especially in China, as lean, clean and green.
The Australia China Innovation Growth Fund is pleased to be part of the AgriStart Harvest Accelerator program as it provides us an opportunity to feedback what we are seeing and hearing in the China market, as well develop long term relationships with Australian-based companies that may be opportunities to connect to China growth in the future.”  
Kent Matla, Founder & Managing Director

AgriStart programs draw on some of Australia’s leading experts in growth business mentoring such as Greg Riebe, Stuart Kidd, Nicole Keating, Julian Coyne, Tracie Clarke, Tom Calder, Peter Rossdeutscher, Dr Natasha Ayers and Grant Sanderson. 

The HARVEST AgriBusiness and AgriTech accelerator also leverages global experts from Germany, Israel, USA, China and Singapore such as Ally Bishop, Kent Matla and Stuart Crocker.

The initiative is led by AgriStart Executive Director, Natasha Ayers, and Atomic Sky Executive Director, Peter Rossdeutscher


HARVEST Accelerator Program Attracts Sponsors

CSBP & Plum Grove announced as sponsors of WA agtech program & Atomic Sky is proud to be a delivery partner for the initiative.

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HARVEST is a 9 week accelerator program targeting late-stage start-ups and SMEs looking to scale their business, develop new opportunities and export markets. The program will feature a range of expert mentors tailored to the needs of the participants.

CSBP’s Development Manager, Nicole Keating, said

‘CSBP are keen to support the Harvest program as we believe innovation is a key way to generate new growth and employment in our regional communities. New technologies are creating a lot of new innovation opportunities in agriculture and programs like Harvest play an important part in equipping innovators with the necessary skills, mentoring and networks to take their ideas forward within WA as well as to markets beyond.’

Plum Grove were also keen to support the associated CONNECT regional innovation workshops to support their regional clients.

Plum Grove and CSBP join the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development as major sponsors of the HARVEST Accelerator program. 

Applications for HARVEST close soon on 5th February. More information about the program can be found on the HARVEST Accelerator Program webpage


CONGRATULATIONS to one of our fabulous residents Unleashed VR for winning of the HR Innovation and Tech Fest Start Up Competition.

The 600+ audience voted for Unleashed VR as having the best pitch and the most relevance to their organisation’s needs. Attendees at the event included an international collection of professionals and service providers specialising in HR.

Pitching Unleashed VR

Pitching Unleashed VR

Video interview with Ben From Unleashed-VR

CEO, Ben Bauert, spoke to the audience about the unique benefits of VR for training and the company’s work developing an immersive training methodology in conjunction with a range of subject-matter experts.

The keynote presentation by Josh Bersin, HR thought leader and founder of Bersin by Deloitte, and he gave special mention during his presentation to Unleashed VR for its ground-breaking work and gave his backing to VR as a game-changing technology for workplace behavioural and soft skills training.

Unleashed VR builds educational and training programs that focus on improving the emotional intelligence and soft skills of individuals, teams and businesses and can be contacted at