Social Impact Festival Screens Free Movies

The first event of short films has already played on Thursday 20th July with some compelling viewing.

The screenings are on a constant loop so you can wander in and stay for one film or watch all the movies as they come back around. There are plenty of seats and it's free to enter.

Barry Otto and Skye starring in the Studio Startup Underground Cinema

Barry Otto and Skye starring in the Studio Startup Underground Cinema

This weeks screenings in our Studio Startup Underground Cinema, are on Tuesday 25 and Thursday 27 July - from 1pm to 4pm. Access is through Toastface Grillah Cafe, where you can be tempted by what's said to be the best coffee & toasted sandwiches in Perth.

Some of the short films screening are:

NAOMI'S FILM: SOUL MATES, starring Barry Otto, opening at a critical turning point in the life of a man battling depression, who has a moment of clarity and makes a decision that significantly changes his life and those around him.

ALIKO'S FILM: Home isn’t just where Aliko Nomoa’s heart is — it’s where his soul and spirit are too. Through his Youth Week lm Aliko is seeking to give the world beyond Mabuiag Island in the Torres Strait, a glimpse of what connects him to his culture.

GRACE'S FILM: In Australia on any given night around 26,000 Australians between the ages of 12 and 24 are homeless. Seventeen-year-old Grace was one of them.

BROKEN HILL: A new work by Peter Drew, the artist behind the 'Real Australians Say Welcome' posters among many others. Broken Hill is a short film about the launching of a balloon to celebrate the lives of cameleers who worked in Australia one hundred years ago.

The Social Impact Festival is hosted by the Centre for social impact at the UWA Business School and celebrates bringing about positive social change and is supported by Lottery West.