Studio StartUp Space Code of Conduct

  1. The Premises are to be used solely for office purposes;
  2. You must not live or permit anyone to live in the Premises;
  3. You must not conduct any auction, fire or bankruptcy sale on the Premises;
  4. You must not bring anything or do anything that may increase insurance premiums for the Premises;
  5. You must not interfere with any drains, water supply, gas, electrical plumbing or any other services contained in the Premises or the toilets;
  6. You must not bring any explosive or flammable or corrosive fluids or chemicals onto the Premises;
  7. You must not erect or place any equipment that is likely to provide a noise level which may be seen as unreasonable by other licensees in the Premises or occupiers of adjourning premises;
  8. You must not do anything on the Premises that may be a nuisance or offensive to any person in or near the building;
  9. You must not accumulate or allow any accumulation of rubbish or property on the Premises;
  10. You must not put up any partitions or alterations or make any alterations or additions to the Premises without first obtaining our written consent;
  11. You must not use trolleys or vehicles which may cause injury to floors in the building and the Premises;
  12. You must not install or connect any electrical equipment, including heaters, hot water systems, computers, air-conditioners, telephones, electronic surveillance equipment and communication equipment on the Premises that may overload the cables, switchboards or sub-board;
  13. You must ensure that the floors and walls and pillars are not broken or strained by overloading of floors;
  14. You must not obstruct or prevent the use by others of any of the common areas including not placing any goods for a long period of time in common areas and loading zones;
  15. You must use the toilets and conveniences on the Premises only for the purpose they were built for;
  16. You must inform us or any accidents or defects in the water pipes, electrical wiring or any of the fittings;
  17. You must keep and maintain in good and substantial working order all personal machinery, plants, equipment and furnishings;
  18. You must ensure that the doors and windows on the Premises are locked and fastened when the Premises are not being used;
  19. You must comply with all by-laws, rules and regulations which the owners corporation or the owner of the building may make from time to time especially in relation to the common areas; and
  20. You must comply with any insurance and fire regulations.
  21. Any breach of these terms constitutes cause to end your licence term and remove access to the premises.
  22. You agree that the network activity may be altered from time to time to improve performance. All due care will be taken to ensure personal communications are not interfered with.

Code of Conduct as at February 2015